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Animal Affirmations

Who’s the most handsome, best looking dog on the block? You are! You have the most lush fur coat, you sexy beast. Show me those teeth…oh yes, you are a fine specimen of a dog! Oh! Where’d you come from? … Continue reading

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The Bureau Transformation Continues

Polished handle on left. (But hopefully you realize that on your own.) I think it may be possible to develop Carpal Tunnel with the amount of polishing I have been doing. Where’s the magic wand when you need one? Several … Continue reading

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Yuk Yuk, Ha Ha

My father has a Yuk Yuk Box. What? Your dad doesn’t have one? Well, that is crazy talk, friend. I love it when I try to pretend I am the perfectly normal one. It doesn’t last long. I mean, it … Continue reading

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District Nooo Way

So I had three DVDs sitting on top of my TV for the last three weeks. Okay, maybe you want to double that number to six weeks. And yet I still couldn’t find myself watching any of the three. So the … Continue reading

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Second Life: Jewelry Case

I was at the thrift shop last weekend, along with what seemed like the entire population of Escondido. I found this curio cabinet. It didn’t necessarily have the best of wood but definitely still had a use. So with some … Continue reading

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Walk Tall Big Tail, Little Head!

His real name is Lou, but I like to use his “warrior” name whenever he is sporting the attitude, which is 99% of the time.

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Good Intentions

My  brother always has good intentions when he visits from Northern California. He wanders around my parents’ property, doing random tasks that will hopefully make my parents’ lives easier (sometimes they don’t). Time before last…he laid safety grip tape on … Continue reading

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